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A social network for language lovers to discover, interract and meet other polyglots and build new friendships.

Hello! Salut! Hola! Chau!

Weclome all language lovers. Whether your took some spanish High school, some french in College, or a a full blown bi or tri lingual, this is the place to grow, share, teach and meet with other language lovers.

Calling all language lovers

From around the globe

Do you have a passion for foreign language, love the culture behind it, and whis you knew someone who could help you out. This is the platform to be at.

Create, Share and Like Posts

Inspired by different langauges

Create Posts, share content, comment, ask questions on forums and Upload your videos and photos.

Add a little spice

to your DM's and Group chats

Mix it up in your conversations with single and group chats with other RuggedLingo members.

Take a break from online life

With meetups and events

Organize and find other RuggedLingo members to learn, share, and do stuff together.

Take it with you

Wherever you go

RuggedLingo is beautifully designed to work perfectly well on your mobile and tablet devices so that you take it with you wherever you are.

Spicy features ready to go


Create posts, share content, comment, reply and upload your videos and photos.


Join the discussion to ask questions, share insights, and discuss topics.


Super simple follows and connections for users ready out of the box


You'll fall in love with the sleek, notification bubbles that pop and disappear like magic


Turn your online friends into real-life buddies with super simple meetups

Chat & conversations

Start group chats, invite new participants and message in a really fun way.

Nudity detection

We use AI to detect raw and partial nudity and filter uploads on images & videos

Secure site

RuggedLingo is always secured with update security certificates.

Bring friends

Organize into teams and collaborate with others to build the next big thing.

2-factor Sign In

Extra extra layer of authentication security with email and text confirmation codes.

Scam profile pics

We use AI to block scammers and prevent fake profile pic uploads.

Minors detection

We use AI to deetect children, and teenagers under 18 in photos enhance site safety.

A start of

Smarter Social Networking

With a growth in understanding that when digital platforms and services are offered to us for free, we end up being the actual product, RuggedLingo is subscription based so that our obligation is to you, not advertisers.

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